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How To Prepare Your Child For First Dental Visit

Your child sitting on a dental chair without any drama or bribery on his or her first dental visit is like a dream. Well, you are not the only parent who is facing this problem. Taking your child for the first dental visit is a frightening task for many parents. Seeing an unknown person with all those drilling instruments and machines and noises is not a fun activity. So, let’s accept that your child’s fear and anxiety are quite natural. Then the question arises how to prepare your child for the first dental visit?

Here at Shubham Dental Clinic, we understand your concerns and come up with certain tips that any child dentist in Hisar will approve of. These suggestions will ensure you in making your child’s first dental visit go smoothly and a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Early exposure is always better

Regular check up should begin at age of two years and prepare your child for first dental visit at age of one year- Shubham dental clinic in Hisar
First dental visits and regular check-ups should begin at an early age.

Schedule your child’s first dental visit as soon as possible. The early appointments will keep your child’s oral health on track. Yet, another benefit is that your child gets comfortable and builds a rapport with the dentist and future visits become more comfortable. It will help in relieving the fear of the unknown. Kids can have cavities as soon as the tooth erupts in the oral cavity. So, schedule a dental visit before their first birthday. Regular check-ups should begin at the age of 2. If you haven’t adopted this practice yet, then hurry up and take your child to the dentist as soon as you can. It is important to take your teething baby to the dentist. if you want to know all facts, symptoms, and remedies for a teething baby, read more

Have a positive attitude towards dental visits

First, you have to prepare yourself as a parent before preparing your child. Parents can pass their dental anxiety to their children. Never talk about your bad experiences or dental fear in front of your kiddo. Don’t be apprehensive or nervous about dental treatment. Always chat about your dental experience in positive terms. Your child copies you and they will adopt the same attitude and anxiety and then no dentist will be able to help your child. So always be positive and motivating. When you visit the dentist along with your child, keep your mood uplifted and stay relaxed and calm.

Be a good role model and explain that dental check-ups are intended to keep their smiles healthy and lovely.

Read books, talk, and role play some games

prepare your child for first dental visit by encouraging them to play dentist toy games- Shubham dental clinic in Hisar
Play dentist games before the child’s first dental visit

The best way to prepare your toddler is to tell them about the importance of oral hygiene and what will happen at their first dental visit. Encourage your child to play dentist toy games with stuffed dolls and teddies, and read picture books about a friendly dental. Play dentist games with your child. Make him sit in a chair and pretend like a dentist and tell him about oral hygiene methods. Change the role and allow your child to be a dentist or let your child behave like a dentist of a stuffed toy or animal. Show them their favorite cartoon characters going to the dentist for their first dental visit. This practice at home will help in making your child ready for a smooth trip to the dental clinic.

The more they learn, the more comfortable their first dental visit will be.

Schedule their first dental visit wisely

It is always advised to schedule an appointment at the time when your child is least fussy and less cranky. Choose a happy appointment time for them, this may be in the morning or early afternoons. Try to avoid later appointments as the child may be tired or will become more anxious. Never surprise them completely with a visit and tell them before. Letting them know about the dental visit on the morning of the appointment is the best thing. Tell them that a nice doctor is going to count their teeth and show them how they can keep their teeth strong.

Be patient and don’t push them

You have to stay calm and take baby steps while incorporating good dental habits in your child. If your child is not cooperating on the first dental visit, then don’t force him.  Threats and a strict attitude will make him more stubborn in the long run. Stay relaxed as it may take two or three visits before your child opens up in front of the dentist. It is important to make your child’s first dental visit as comfortable as possible. It will help your child to build a positive attitude towards dental check-ups and will prevent long-term negative effects. So if your child is upset, you may need to reschedule the appointment.

Come prepared for their first dental check-up

Prepare yourself for child's first dental visit  and bring some cuddly toy along with you on their dental check-up- Shubham dental clinic in Hisar
Come prepared at your Child’s first dental visit

It is always good to carry some favorite cuddly toy of your child along with you to keep them engaged in the waiting room and even on the dental chair. If there is an older sibling, he or she can go first. It will be fun in that way.

Plan a treat post-dental check-up

Plan something exciting post-dental check-ups to keep your kids focused in a positive way. If your child behaves in a good way, then reward him with a treat like stickers or visiting a playground or an ice cream parlor. It will keep them elevated.


Every child is unique and may behave in a different way but this little preparation from your end will help ally anxiety and fear in their mind. At last, cheer up your child, congratulate him or her with a statement like “Great, you are doing it perfectly!’’

If you are planning your child’s first dental visit then try these tips, these will help your child get ready for their first dental visit. The first dental visit is going to be short and simple. It is basically focused on getting to know your child creating a bond with them and making them friendly to the clinic’s environment. We use techniques like tell-show-do before we actually start the treatment and build the patient-doctor trust slowly. This really helps kids feel more relaxed.

To ensure you get the best services from a child dentist in Hisar, visit Shubham Dental Clinic. Be rest assured that our team and doctor will make your child’s first dental visit comfortable and encourage him or her to visit next time with more excitement. Schedule an appointment for your child and see if we are a good fit for your family.

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