Dental Fillings

A dental filling is a treatment that treats tooth decay and prevents further damage and tooth loss. Dental caries make holes in the tooth. Dental Filling fills this gap and protects the tooth from further decay. A filling is also used to repair chipped or fractured teeth.

When should we consider for dental filling?

  • To restore decayed teeth
  • To reshape the teeth
  • To repair dark spots on the tooth
  • To lighten any teeth stains
  • To correct chipped or broken teeth
  • To close up small gaps between teeth
  • To protect an uncovered section of the tooth root

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Types of dental fillings

Metal filling

Amalgam filling

Composite filling

Ceramic or porcelain filling

What is the procedure of dental filling?

A dental filling is usually needed if your tooth is decayed. It can protect your tooth and prevent further damage.

  • Firstly the tooth is assessed for the severity of infection as Dental Filling is suitable only for minor cavities and fractures.
  • The dentist then examines the tooth and if required an X-ray would be done to know the condition of the tooth.
  • If the decay is more, local anesthesia is administered to anesthetize the area around the infected tooth.
  • Then the tooth is prepared for restoration with the help of a dental handpiece.
  • The dental material is then filled in that prepared area. The type of dental material used for the filling  will vary from case to case and person to person
  • Finally, the finished tooth is polished.

Consequences of avoiding dental fillings

If dental fillings are not done on time, then the tooth will decay more and more. The infection will reach the pulp or nerve which will further damage the tooth and then one has to go for root canal treatment. Your adjacent tooth can also be decayed if the filling of the concerned tooth is not done on time.

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