Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment (RCT) is a dental procedure in which the internal parts of the tooth called pulp are discarded to relieve pain.

Are you having excruciating pain in your tooth? Do you have any pain in chewing food or biting? Is there any tooth discoloration? Do you have any sensitivity to hot or cold?

 If the answer is yes, then it might be time to get the root canal treatment (RCT).

RCT or endodontic treatment is done to remove the nerves and blood vessels from the pulp of a tooth to relieve tooth pain.

How is RCT done?

Here’s how your dentist helps you with your problem. After a thorough diagnosis, and analyzing the condition of the tooth with the help of X-rays, your dentist then performs RCT. The various steps are:

Root canal treatment
Stages of Root Canal Treatment

1.Cleaning the root canal

A root canal treatment is a minor surgical procedure in which your dentist numbs the affected area and creates an access hole to remove the decayed tissue. The inflamed/infected pulp, the dead nerves, bacteria, and all other debris that are present inside the root canal are removed with the help of instruments called files.

2. Filling the root canal

The inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected with the irrigating solutions, then filled and sealed.  The patient will no longer feel pain as the tooth is dead now.

3. Giving a crown or filling

Then the hole is sealed, either at the same visit or follow-up visit and eventually, a permanent filling or crown may be placed on the tooth. After the crown, the tooth functions like a normal tooth.


Remember, when it comes to dental treatments…the sooner, the better. Treatment usually takes one appointment, but if there is a severe infection, curved canals, or multiple canals, it might take two or three appointments.

RCT is often taken as a painful procedure, root canal treatment is not painful unless you procrastinate your dental check-ups. It is indeed a TOOTH SAVIOR! Occasionally, the root canal-treated tooth may become painful, months or even years after successful treatment. It might be saved with re-RCT.

We request you visit Shubham Dental Clinic for RCT if you are having pain in your tooth.

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