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Pain- free Dental Treatment

Is pain-free dental treatment possible?

Pain and dentistry have been associated together for a long time. But now pain-free dental treatment is possible due to recent advancements in dentistry. Patients become anxious about getting dental treatment due to fear of pain. In fact, many patients do not receive proper dental care because of previous experiences with dental treatment. They think that there is no way that dentistry can be pain-free.

Welcome to the modern world of pain-free dentistry

Dentistry has almost become pain-free due to developments in new technology, knowledge, and the latest equipment. Most of us consider root canal treatment to be very painful and torturous. But in this modern world, if RCT is done with skilled hands it is almost painless and can even be completed in a single sitting depending on the case. RCT is performed under local anesthesia with the help of the latest equipment like apex locator, high magnification, and latest rotary instruments.

Even the administration of anesthesia is pain-free due to the use of thin needles and the latest delivery system. A numbing gel or spray is applied before giving an injection so even the prick of the needle will be painless.

In the case of sensitive patients, local anesthetic spray or injection can be used even before deep cleaning or filling to make the whole treatment comfortable.

Composite or tooth-colored fillings are less painful than silver fillings. When silver fillings were done, a dentist has to drill deep to form a base. This was not only painful but also it leads to the weakening of tooth structure. Nowadays, composites fillings are done which are pain-free, more esthetic, and long-lasting.

Lasers are the latest advancements in surgeries that cause less pain, less blood, and less anxiety.

What is important is not to let your fear keep you and your loved ones away from necessary dental treatment. Dentists are now able to provide a painless and comfortable experience to the patients.

Where to get pain-free dental treatments in Hisar?

We at Shubham Dental Clinic will make every dental visit safe, relaxing, pain-free, and comfortable. Now when you know that most dental treatments are quick and painless, visit your dentist at your earliest.