A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks. Every time you smile, it’s a gift to someone. Your teeth are responsible for your signature smile. Tooth loss or malaligned teeth lowers your confidence and self-esteem. People with discolored or missing anterior teeth feel embarrassed in speaking or smiling confidently. Moreover, one can’t chew properly and the taste of food also goes.

Better teeth and better health is our motto. Oral health and general health go hand in hand. Health is complete only if it includes oral health, as oral infection can affect various organs of the body. Your oral health is an indicator of the effect of various systemic disorders. So keeping your mouth healthy is a way to keep yourself healthy.

It’s a privilege for us to take care of every patient’s smile. Our primary objective is to encourage good oral habits among the people, to provide safe and high-quality oral healthcare to the people, to promote health and happiness in society.

We strongly believe in building lifelong relationships based on trust, love, care, and friendship. We want to bring smiles to every individual through the professional and latest techniques.

“ Remember all things are possible for those who believe. Dream bigger, do bigger. Make each day your masterpiece.”

Dr. Rinku Mittal B.D.S.
Director, Shubham Dental Clinic