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Prevent Heart Attacks By Loving Your Teeth

You can prevent heart attacks by loving your teeth is the talk of your teeth.

There are rumors that oral health is linked to heart health. That’s right. If you want to have a healthy heart, be sure to take care of your teeth.

Good oral habits are mandatory not only for your gums and teeth but also for the health of your ‘ticker’. In fact, links have been established between oral health and various systemic diseases. 90% of the diseases that affect the body have oral signs which can be detected in an oral examination.

So now you got to know why dental check-up is important. Don’t take it as a way to look after your teeth and gums, it’s actually an excellent way to protect your overall health, at any age.

Gum disease and heart disease connection

gum disease and heart health-periodontal disease and heart heath- Shubham dental clinic Hisar-best dental hospital in Hisar
Gum disease affects heart health

It’s essential to understand how your dental health affects your general health. If you ignore your oral and overall health, you are at an increased risk of gum disease and heart disease.  Gum disease is most often caused by poor oral hygiene like not brushing properly or flossing daily is caused by the accumulation of plaque on the teeth. A sticky film of bacteria deposits on the teeth and can cause gingivitis. If it remains on the teeth long enough, it will harden and form tartar, which a dentist can remove. Both heart and gum diseases are chronic inflammatory diseases.

The mouth bacteria can affect the heart when it enters the bloodstream and may attach the fatty plaque to the heart’s blood vessels. It may even cause heart attacks due to the formation of blood clots in the arteries- also called coronary artery disease. Gum or periodontal disease if left untreated can increase inflammation in the body and may lead to severe heart problems. It may lead to heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and some forms of cancer. It is known that both gum disease and heart disease share similar risk factors such as diabetes, smoking, and age.

Show your heart some love with these tips:

good oral hygiene protects your heart- Shubham dental clinic Hisar- dentist in Hisar- Dental cleaning in Hisar- gum disease and heart disease
Good oral hygiene protects your heart

Brush your teeth and boost your heart. Everyone likes a clean and healthy mouth, and maybe your heart might love it too. So follow these tips to prevent heart attacks:

  • Brush twice daily.
  • Floss daily.
  • See your dentist for a professional cleaning every six months.
  • Avoid tobacco use.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.

When your mouth and heart are in a healthy and happy relationship, the risk of heartbreak is less.

Keep your teeth, smile, and heart clean and healthy throughout your life.

The last note

It is critical for everyone to start paying attention to their teeth and gums and to get serious about their oral health. One easiest way to prevent heart attacks and other diseases is by maintaining good oral hygiene habits. Take good care of your mouth and body to say goodbye to gum diseases.

Your heart will thank you.

2 thoughts on “Prevent Heart Attacks By Loving Your Teeth”

  1. Harvinder soni

    I think not only heart all body health is depend upon teeth. It’s very important pArt so that study and institute of study are totally different from medical science.
    Teeth are most of powerfull and long time run bon of humein being if is going on week or damage it means there is problem in other body parts also.
    Some bacteria and virus may be reason of heart disease .
    If teeth demage it may cause of indigestion liver proble stumock problem also as of problem not eat properly.
    So be carefull about your teeth health always need of reguler checkup . You write article very well. Save heart not bond to anyone (disease) not. .,.. broke
    Well written 👍 keep it up

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