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Common dental myths and facts

Here are some common dental myths and facts that you should check out!

This article will help to clarify some of the common myths or doubts that are repeatedly asked by patients and the general public. Dental myths have existed for years, passed down from generation to generation but it’s time to set them right with the facts.

Myth 1 – Root canal treatment (RCT) should not be done in children

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Root canal treatment either pulpotomy or pulpectomy means the removal of the infected soft tissue (pulp) from inside a tooth. In this process, the tooth is cleaned and disinfected and a filling material is filled from the root tip to the crown of the tooth. The procedure is safe for children. Retaining a milk tooth till its normal age of exfoliation is important for the proper growth and development of the underlying permanent tooth and is also essential for space maintenance for the erupting larger permanent tooth.

Early removal or extraction of a milk tooth can cause shrinkage of space between teeth, resulting in malalignment of permanent teeth. Hence it is important to retain all the milk teeth till the age of their natural exfoliation. That is why a dentist recommends root canal treatment in a milk tooth and advises removal only when it cannot be saved. It is one of the common dental myths that RCT is not needed in children but the fact is that it is necessary in children too.

The basic difference between the root canal treatment in a milk tooth and a permanent tooth is that the filling material in a permanent tooth is permanent while in the milk tooth, it is resorbable.

In case a milk tooth has to be extracted early, a dentist may advise placing a space maintainer to prevent the migration of adjacent teeth. To know more about dental treatment in children, read more

Myth 2 – Antibiotics can be stopped once the pain subsides

Common dental myths and facts| is RCT needed in children| Shubham dental clinic Hisar| best dental clinic in Hisar| dentist near me| dental clinic near me| RCT for children in Hisar antibiotics are safe or not

Antibiotics are usually prescribed when there is a bacterial infection caused by dental caries or gum disease. Antibiotics stop bacterial reproduction and kill bacteria too. They are usually prescribed as a 3-day / 5-day / 7-day course, depending on the severity of the disease.

      If antibiotics are not taken as prescribed, there are chances of developing ‘Antibiotic Resistance’ and as a result, bacteria develop resistance against that particular antibiotic. Next time the patient requires a stronger dose of this medication to destroy or slow down the bacterial growth. It is always recommended to complete the course of antibiotics as prescribed by your dentist. The choice of antibiotics is a critical process, based on numerous parameters, clinical conditions, type of microorganisms, etc.

Myth 3 – Colored barcodes on toothpaste indicate its ingredients

Common dental myths and facts| is RCT needed in children| Shubham dental clinic Hisar| best dental clinic in Hisar| dentist near me| dental clinic near me| RCT for children in Hisar| dental fillings

Most toothpaste available in the market today contains some common basic ingredients. Each brand may have slight variations in their formulations, but most of them contain the same class of ingredients such as abrasives, coloring or flavoring agents, detergents, fluorides, humectants (a substance used to reduce loss of moisture), preservatives, sweeteners, and whiteners.

Of late, it has been widely circulated in Social Media that the color of strips found at the base of a toothpaste tube is indicative of its ingredients. According to the internet, the color reveals the ingredient of the toothpaste

Green: all-natural

Blue: natural plus medicine

Red: natural and chemical

Black: pure chemical

Unsurprisingly, the claim about these color codes is totally fake. The truth is that colored strips at the end of toothpaste tubes have nothing to do with the ingredients present in toothpaste.

A barcode is simply a mark made during the manufacturing process and all the colors mean the same things. If you want to know about the ingredients, you can always read them in the toothpaste box. So one should come out of one of these common dental myths.

Myth 4 – Desensitizing toothpaste is a permanent cure for hypersensitivity

Sensitive teeth can ruin your day, and desensitizing toothpaste is usually a safe solution- right?

It is a common dental myth that it can correct your issue but it’s important to understand how it works. Hypersensitivity occurs when the enamel gets abraded and the dentine layer beneath it gets exposed. Dentin has several micro-pores and microtubules that get exposed when the enamel gets worn off. Exposure to these dentinal tubules causes sensitivity when the teeth are exposed to hot or cold foods or air. Desensitizing toothpastes contain ingredients that help block the transmission of pain signals from the surface of your tooth to the nerve inside and as a result, a patient gets temporary relief from pain. Thus, it is just a temporary solution and not a permanent cure for hypersensitivity. It’s worth emphasizing that you can’t replace your visit to a dentist with desensitizing toothpaste.

To know more about teeth sensitivity, its causes, and home remedies, read more

Myth 5 – A Crown is always needed after root canal treatment

Root canal treatment helps remove infested soft tissue from inside a tooth, besides cleaning, disinfecting, and filling it with an inert filling material. The soft tissues contain blood vessels and nerves, which help nourish the teeth. After its removal, the tooth needs to become non-vital and may become more brittle, as there is no more nourishment and blood flow within the teeth.

Therefore, a root canal-treated tooth is prone to fracture, especially when biting or chewing hard food.  But it doesn’t mean that a crown is always needed after a root canal. If the tooth is not damaged, then a good composite filling can serve the purpose. If the tooth is damaged too much, then a crown is necessary. This common dental myth is now clear.

Myth 6- Retainers are not necessary after Orthodontic Treatment

Common dental myths and facts| is RCT needed in children| Shubham dental clinic Hisar| best dental clinic in Hisar| dentist near me| dental clinic near me| RCT for children in Hisar orthodontic treatment in Hisar| braces treatment| retainers treatment

It is a common myth that wearing retainers is unnecessary after completion of orthodontic treatment. This is a dangerous myth. Retainers are compulsory to maintain the results achieved through orthodontic treatment.

Let’s understand it. During orthodontic treatment, teeth are moved from their original position to their new position. This occurs as a result of selective removal and deposition of the bone around the moved teeth. Being elastic, jawbones tend to return to their original position, which is called ‘orthodontic relapse’. Therefore, it is necessary to have a retainer after removing orthodontic brackets, otherwise, your teeth may gradually go back to their original positions.

A retainer can be either removable or fixed. The type of retainers and duration of wearing them depends on the type of orthodontic correction you have done. You should wear your retainers for the prescribed duration to ensure long-term success.

Myth 7 – Tobacco use does not always increase the risk of cancer

Common dental myths and facts| is RCT needed in children| Shubham dental clinic Hisar| best dental clinic in Hisar| dentist near me| dental clinic near me| RCT for children in Hisar harmful effects of tobacco| quit smoking

It is a common myth that tobacco doesn’t always cancer as cancer can occur in nonsmokers too. But the fact is that the chances of cancer are always higher in smokers. Every time tobacco is inhaled, it creates conditions in the body ideal for cancer formation. It can cause not only lung cancer or throat cancer but also many types of cancers.

Tobacco is dangerous to health. The substances that are inhaled through smoking do not just affect the lungs but the entire body. Smoking can lead to a variety of ongoing complications in the body, besides causing long-term systemic conditions.

A cigarette contains about 600 ingredients. When these ingredients burn, they will generate more than 7000 chemicals. Many of these chemicals are toxic and at least 69 of them can be linked to cancer. The effects of smoking may not be immediate, but its complications and damage can last for many years.

Nicotine present in tobacco is a mood-altering drug. Nicotine reaches the brain in a few seconds and makes a smoker feel more energized. But as the effect wears off, a smoker feels tired and craves more.

There are several methods to resist the urge to smoke or use when a craving strikes. Some of them are nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs), like patches, nicotine gum, lozenges, inhalers, and medications. Always trying to beat the urge to use tobacco is always better than doing nothing. The fact is that each time you resist, you are one step ahead of being tobacco-free. To know more about oral cancers, their prevention, and treatment, read more

Myth 8 – Fluoride is a Poison

Common dental myths and facts| is RCT needed in children| Shubham dental clinic Hisar| best dental clinic in Hisar| dentist near me| dental clinic near me| RCT for children in Hisar| effects of fluoride|

Many articles and videos are circulating on social media saying that fluoride is a toxic material. Fluoride is considered a double-edged sword.  Fluoride appears to be safe and effective when used in appropriate amounts. At therapeutic or lower concentrations as used in toothpastes, mouthwashes, or dental material, it can help prevent cavities. But if it is ingested in very large amounts through drinking water or other means, it is neurotoxic and may lead to serious health issues. Fluoride pastes and treatments are always safe. To clear your dental myths and to learn more about fluoride treatment and its safety, read the blog


These commonly believed myths do not hold value in reality. This article would help debunk some of the misconceptions that linger around oral health and well-being.  If you are looking for the best dentist in Hisar,  and want to know anything regarding common dental myths and facts, your best option is to visit Shubham Dental Clinic. Why? We have the most experienced dental team in town and the latest equipment. Moreover, we offer the best dental services at affordable prices. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with us today and start your journey towards a healthy and long-lasting smile.

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