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Dentures are replacements for natural teeth that can either be full set or partial. Your dentures give you the attractive smile and confidence, ability to chew food when you wear them during the daytime. But don’t wear your dentures 24*7. Remove them at night so that your gums and bone can get a chance to rest.

Now the question arises, how to take care of your dentures to keep them safe, clean, and functional for as long as possible?


If you want your removable dentures (complete and partial dentures) to continue for a long time, then you must take proper care and keep them clean and free of stains. For good denture care-

Remove and clean your dentures after eating

Clean the dentures under running water to remove food debris and plaque otherwise, bacteria can accumulate leading to an infection. Clean them over a soft surface like a towel to prevent them from breaking in case they fall from your hand.

Soak dentures overnight

When not in use, store them in a closed container containing water or denture cleaning solution overnight. Keep them in water overnight as most of them lose their shape if they are not kept moist. Denture cleaning solutions will reduce any unpleasant odor and the number of bacteria and fungi present on your dentures. Always follow the instructions written on the label of denture cleansing solution. Be sure to change the water every day in routine practice.

Never store dentures in hot water

Don’t clean or store the dentures in hot or boiling water as it can change the shape of dentures and they will not fit in your mouth. Never use too hot water to make a cleansing solution( solution is made by dissolving denture-cleaning tablet in warm water)

Handle your dentures carefully

Place them in a safe place and be careful while handling them. If you drop them accidentally in the sink, they might break.

Brush your dentures daily

It is vital to pay attention to denture hygiene. Clean them with a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste. You can also use a mild soap or denture cleanser too. They must be cleaned and stored hygienically, otherwise, plaque and tartar can accumulate on them just like your natural teeth. Your dentures will become a breeding ground for oral bacteria.

Clean the interior of your mouth when your dentures are out

You should clean your tongue, cheeks, and palate with a soft bristle toothbrush or cotton cloth after removing your dentures. Remove the remains of denture adhesive too, if used.

Rinse them thoroughly before putting again

Rinse your dentures well with clean water before using them again in the morning, especially if you are using a denture-soaking solution.

Store your dentures in closed containers

It is necessary to keep them out of reach of children and pets, so try to store them in a closed box.

Avoid bleaching agents

Don’t use any whitening toothpaste or bleaching agents for your dentures.

Regular dental check-ups

Visit your dentist regularly to ensure a proper fit and comfort of your denture. Don’t hesitate to visit again if your dentures are loose.  Loose dentures can cause ulcers and irritation.


Spare a few minutes to take care of your dentures and store them safely at night so that you can wear them clean and comfortable the next day. Proper storage of dentures enhances their life. Your dentures take good care of you and you should also take care of them by keeping them moist and clean.

Shubham Dental Clinic will be glad to answer if you have any questions regarding your dentures. You can always contact us for designing beautiful, well-fitting dentures of all types.


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